Here is a sampling of our projects:

New grain bottom construction. Building two new grain bottoms.

Church water damage repair. Involved removing and repairing damaged drywall. Finishing, priming and painting.

IMG 2656

Restoring Church Doors. Before and After.

IMG 2882 IMG 2883

New privacy fence featuring wide gate to allow garden tractor to drive through. Overhead beam is not only decorative but functional to tranfer gate load to cross braced fence.

Before and after bathroom renovation.

Water proof laminate flooring, drywall repairs, new trim and caulking.

IMG 3514IMG 3650

Kithcen renovation. New water proof laminate flooring, drywall repairs and new trim.


Before and After: Commericial Water Damage restoration. Involved removal of mold contaminated drywall, mold removal, structural repairs and new firerated drywall installation, finishing and painting, new vents and trim.



Another area in the process of being repaired:





Roof Repair: Before - Progress - After:

New metal roof and custom flashings for trombe wall:

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